Access To An Equal Wage

Lord Freud, the Welfare Minister in the UK Government, is facing calls for his resignation for suggesting privately at the Conservative Conference that disabled people were not worth ‘the full wage’ and wanted to introduce a £2 minimum wage band for disabled people.

In 2012 he is quoted as saying, “People who are poorer should be prepared to take the biggest risks; they’ve got least to lose.”

My heart is warmed by the universal condemnation of his views, from all political parties in the UK and from other sectors of life.

I am upset by this news, as I am in part-time employment and would hate for someone to suggest that my worth was not the same as my colleagues at Omagh Enterprise. In the hours that I work, I feel that I make a value contribution. To say that my time and effort is not of equal status as anyone else with be disputed by the people I work along side and those who I meet.

Disabled people across the country make a value contribution to society and the workplace. It saddens me to think that the Welfare Minister is not championing people’s right to a fair and just salary.

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