Thursday Truths: Katie Hopkins And The Blue Parking Badge

Katie Hopkins is a woman I have a rule to not give the oxygen of publicity to, but some days I find it hard not to break that rule. Today is one of those days.

Katie Hopkins And The Blue Parking Badge

“Why give Katie the oxygen of publicity?’

Originally I agree with you and I think in a lot of cases people are best ignored as they are only making said statements to provoke reactions to keep them in the spotlight.

On many occasions, I want want to step in and give my right to reply, but I’ve stopped myself, in fear of adding fuel to the fire.

In this case though, I feel I have a little authority, perhaps self-appointed, to speak out against it.

Yes, it is important not to add credit to statements by addressing it, but when someone like Katie habitually makes them, she needs to be challenged and confronted about them. By nor doing so, it bleeds into the public consciousness and they accept it as fact. We need to demonstrate is is not so and show the importance we have in society ans sometimes that means making allowances to ensure we can.

Her comments here are an absolute disgrace to anyone with a disability. I consider myself lucky, that my disability is visible; because people can see the pain and difficulties I have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Those with invisible disabilities are my brothers and sisters. Their pains and difficulties are no different to mine, other than the added burden that many in society dismiss them.

Katie’s tweet about the Blue Badge Scheme feeds further into the misconceptions over invisible disabilities and reinforces people’s views that they are liars or looking for attentions.

This is not true and couldn’t be further from the truth. The only liar here is Katie.

Peace and love and acceptance. If we can live by them there rules, wouldn’t the world be a better place?


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  1. Yes but I have seen mentally disabeld people, old people walk unaided for miles. The Blue badge should only be issued to people with Mobillity issues, who canot virtually walk!

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