Thursday Truth: PIPs - My Day Of Reckoning Has Come

This morning, I had my visitor from Capita, to access me for Personal Independent Payment (PIP) as part of Welfare Reform.
The wait over the years, has been terrible and then the filling in of what felt like a 1000 questions recently, was a draining experience.
I look at myself as a positive person, someone who doesn’t dwell too much on his disability and presents to the world a strong person.
This process made me look hard at myself, my limitations and what it prevents me from taking part in the world. It forced me to look at what I cannot do, instead of what I can do.
It had it’s toll on my physical and mental well-being. Even had to see a counsellor on a few occasions to deal with the stress I have been under as a result of it.
The woman this morning was lovely and did seem to very understanding. However, I did feel like I was being judged by society and judged by the UK Government. It was a terrible experience.
All the personal questions I was asked, was painful. Questions asked about things I like to keep private. However my Amazon Alexa stood up for me at one point. When asked about my toilet regime and hygiene, Alexa woke up and pronounced, “I do not understand this question!”.
It broke, what was a terrible morning for me. I now have to wait the next 6 to 8 weeks to see what judgement the Government make about me.

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