Thursday Truths: My Second Month COVID-19 Lockdown

Here we are with the first week of May behind. Yesterday marked 8 weeks in Lock-down for me, today marks Day 57 in Lock-down for me and this coming Monday marks 2 calendar months for me in Lock-down.

So how am I coping I hear you asked? Probably about the same has everyone else is. I am having good days and I am having bad days. Thankfully, the good days far outnumber the bad days.

The key for me is keeping myself busy, whether that is fun things, important things and crucially family and friend things. I have been furloughed at work now, so most of my focus has now be diverted towards My Way Access. Some of the tidying up work has begun, as well as the tweeting at the post branding and more content on the website. I am still working away at the Community Interests Company paperwork, but that is slow.

In last month’s thread, I posted some of the videos I did in March, which went down well with a lot of people. You will be pleased to hear I have kept the video content up in the month of April.

The My Way Access Sunday Lock-down games

My Way Access Lipsync’s Randy Newman’s Short People

My Way Access Lipsync’s Cyndi Lauper’s Goonies R Good Enough

I also put together a video of my friend and fellow disabled advocate Frank Larkin’s episode on Channel 4’s Countdown. Frank sadly passed away in March after a short illness.

Some of the content I have been adding to the My Way Access website of late has been information for disabled people to find support and service during this pandemic. I have been able to get this information from my connections with Disability Action and my membership at The Inclusive Mobility and Transport Advisory Committee (IMTAC). I thank them for their support and help on this and other matters at this worrying and dangerous time in our world’s history.

I am also been on many different Zoom Conferences. I have had several conferences with Eden Project Communities, building links and contacts to help disabled people’s lives and to offer most opportunities for them in the future. I have also been in discussions with Craic NI to provide support, training and awareness to many different cultures in Northern Ireland about the lives of disabled.

It is important to keep planning for the future and to have goals when restrictions are filled and it is safe to travel beyond the confines of our immediate boundaries. It gives us a focus and a drive. If we become too fixed on the now and the potential dangers we face, it could have a knock on effects to our mental health and well-being. Whilst come people’s goals are bigger, yours does not have to be. It could simply

It is very easy to get lost in emotions at this time and to get consumed with everything that is going on in the outside world. The news can be overbearing and relentless with everything that is happening. People feel that the virus has engulfed their communities and that political leaders are making mistakes. They see friends posting stories of what they believe to the truth of what is happening in the world.

I found it exceedingly difficult to deal with, but as I said, I rationed what I viewed and read last month and continue to do so this month. I cannot claim to know what is happening in the grand scheme out there in the outside world, but it is nothing I can control. My intake is now information that I can control and what can affect my community and the communities around me.

It is important to stay home, stay home and keep healthy. Which is why I am getting nervous seeing businesses wanting to return to work and governments wanting to relax the lock-down restrictions. Just yesterday, the UK exceeded 30,000 deaths, the highest in Europe. This is a time to sit still and keep flattening the curve. Many countries came out too quickly and hit a second spike.

You can keep up with my daily mini-blogs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In the meantime, I will sign off how I did in last month’s blog.

So life is scary at the moment and no-one knows what is coming, but take this time out and rediscover who you are.

  • Reconnect with old friends, even if it’s just to pick up the phone and ask how they are doing.
  • Learn that new skill you wanted to do, but never had the time.
  • Watch that film, read that book or listen to that album you love.
  • Do something for someone else who deserves recognition for helping.
  • Don’t be thinking about the next big thing to hit.
  • Tell the person next to you something about them you appreciate and let that ripple forward.

But most importantly – Stay SafeStay at Home and I love you.

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