Thursday Truths: Doctor Who is a Woman, Dermot Reacts

Everyone here should know by now, my all time second favourite television programme is of course Doctor Who. Quantum Leap of course being number one, if you’re curious. Last Friday the BBC announced that they were going to reveal the identity of the 13th Doctor, after Peter Capaldi regenerates in the Christmas episode. The excitement […]

Thursday Truths: A Right To An Education

My experience as a child going into the school system I learnt of three schools in that are currently being sued by families for refusing pupils with disabilities to attend their schools. They were being supported by the Equality Commission on these cases and the families agreed to settlements against Wallace High School in Lisburn, […]

Thursday Truths: What Is A Disability?

For many years and still on many occasions, people ask me what it’s like to be disabled. My first reaction is to reply, “I’m not!” This surprises many people and sometimes leads to further conversation. I am 37 years old now and for the majority of my time, I have not felt or would describe […]

Thursday Truths: Building The Right Future Together

The core part of My Way Access and the main reason it exists, is to highlight areas which are accessible and inaccessible for people with disabilities. This is so that people can make informed decisions of where to visit in new locations. It is also to give businesses and tourist sites an idea on how […]

Thursday Truths: Unmasking at Comic Con

Over the weekend of 12th March, I attended the Showmasters Film and Comic Con Belfast event at Titanic Exhibition Centre with my friend Will Convey. It was my first comic con since 2015, as I was too unwell to attend in 2016. To return to comic con, was like returning home. I had forgotten much […]

Thursday Truths: Children's Rights and Co-Production

This week’s blog is written by Bernie Drayne, who’s daughter Roma has Mucopolysaccride Morquio Disease. In 2006 disabled children’s campaigning charities and policy making groups came together in the UK to work for the Every Disabled Child Matters (EDCM) campaign. My daughter has disabilities and I was very interested in this campaign because, like any […]

A Look Back Over 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, it gives me an opportunity to look back over the year and reflect on everything I have done. First of all, I want to thank everyone who supported My Way Access in 2016 and in particular, the campaign to get Vimizim approved in this part of the world. Without […]

Thursday Truths: A Cruel Irony?

Bit by bit the drug Vimizim (elosulfase alfa) for Mucopolysaccharide Morquio is being approved across the world for use, after the EMA and FDA approval. Now countries such as Germany, France, Qatar, Israel and United States of America are using Vimizim to combat the symptoms of Morquio. Recently England, Scotland and Wales within the UK […]