The NW200: A Cold House For Disabilities

Over the years, regular visitors to My Way Access will know that I have contacted and highlighted the accessibility problems at The International Northwest 200  (NW200) for spectators with disabilities in Portstewart. Through my many phone calls and emails over the years, they have seldom been acknowledged and when they have, at a cursory level. […]

Mobiloo Ireland - Now Opened For Access

Now covering all of Ireland, Mobiloo is a vehicle for change, bringing inclusion and freedom to those who require Changing Places facilities. Mobiloo allows people with disabilities, their families and carers the opportunity to attend and most importantly enjoy events and venues they may previously been excluded from. Mobiloo – A Vehicle For Change Now […]

Shopmobility Omagh Day on 21st June 2017

Shopmobility Omagh are hosting a Shopmobility Day on 21st June 2017 and are celebrating it by holding  a “Ramble by the River”.  Members and carers from the remaining  12 Shopmobility schemes are coming to Omagh to celebrate with us and we were wondering if any of the Access Forum would like to attend  (approx time 10am – 6pm) […]