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The Ardboyne Hotel is situated at the heart of the exquisite, picturesque Irish heritage town of Navan, which is a mere 35 minutes away from the capital of Dublin.

There is wide open spaces and parking spaces for people with disabilities at the front of the hotel and ample room for any ramps, etc that may be needed to aid wheelchairs exiting vehicles.

Inside the hotel, there is plenty of floor space and wide corridors, that would not cause any obstructions for anyone in a wheelchair. However the door at the front entrance is heavy and may require some assistance in opening them.

At the reception area, there is no lower space for anyone who uses a wheelchair, which can make it difficult for some.

There is a large function room at the Ardboyne Hotel and everything is on the level. The disabled toilet is large too, to accommodate large wheelchair and anyone who might be there to offer any assistance.


Dublin Road Navan Co. Meath Ireland
+353 46 9023119

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