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The Brú na Bóinne Visitor Centre is the starting point for all visits to the monuments of the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Brú na Bóinne, notably the passage graves of Newgrange and Knowth.

Due to the location of the centre, the car parking is a little distance away, but there are three dedicated disabled spaces. There is a walk along a wooden tunnel to reach the visitors centre. It can be slippery on a wet day, so take care. It is narrow, so can be difficult to by-pass people coming in the opposite direction, but is large enough for all sizes of wheelchairs.

Inside the building is wide open and spacious. No issues or problems moving around, as there are plenty of floor space. It can be a little tight when you first enter the building, but the staffs there are able to offer any assistance navigating the crowd at this section.

The visitor centre is on two floors, with an elevator to take you to the next floor. However you need a key to operate the lift and I found it time consuming to locate someone to help me operate the elevator.

There is a large disabled toilet on-site, with lots of room for any size of wheelchair. However, the sink to wash hands after is a little for more wheelchair users and no space underneath to get in closer. Also, the toilet door opens up straight onto the main foyer of the centre, with no middle door. This can leave users feeling a little exposed if additional assistance is required and the door is opened.

A replica for Newgrange is located in the centre. It is a little bumpy for wheelchairs to get around, but with precision and care, it poses no real issues.


Staleen Road Donore Co. Meath A92 EH5C Ireland
+353 41 988 0300

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