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CAB2000 are a taxi company, operating out of Swords, Dublin.

I ordered a CAB2000 to take me from Swords to the Aviva Stadium in Dublin. The journey was smooth and posed no issues for the wheelchair. I felt safe accessing and exiting the taxi and there was ample room within the taxi for my chair. The driver was friendly and chatty.

When I was leaving, I asked for a return booking, but was told that they wouldn’t be able to collect me from the stadium and would have to get the DART into the city centre and contact the office from there. I inquired as to how long the office would be opened and would there be a wheelchair friendly taxi on duty. I was informed that the company was opened 24/7, with the phones always manned and plenty of wheelchair taxis on all the time.

With this information, I got about my day safe in the knowledge that there would be no problems getting back to my hotel again that night.

After getting back to the city centre on the DART, I rang CAB2000 but there was no answer. I repeatedly rang and no answer. After an hour, I finally got someone and ordered a taxi that would be able to take me in my wheelchair back to Swords. After 30 mins a taxi arrived, with it wasn’t accessible and the driver said he wasn’t informed of any special requirements.

After all this, no taxi was coming. I kept ringing and there was no answer. At 3am, I was getting extremely run down and my health was getting affected. I have to wear a nippy machine for 8 hours per night to help my respiratory system. By this point, my body was missing it.

Eventually a taxi stopped. The driver, my friend and passers-by tried to lift my chair into the car, as it wasn’t wheelchair friendly, but it was impossible to do so and me. However the driver could see what a distressed state I was in, so allowed me to sit in his taxi and sleep, whilst he flagged down a suitable taxi. This however took an hour, so it was nearly 6am before I got back to my hotel and onto the nippy machine.

CAB2000 is one company that I will never use again.


18a Main Street, Swords, Co Dublin
00353 (1) 8900900

Opening Hours

0.00am - 23.59pm
0.00am - 23.59pm
0.00am - 23.59pm
0.00am - 23.59pm
0.00am - 23.59pm
0.00am - 23.59pm
0.00am - 23.59pm

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