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Croke Park is the home the Gaelic Athletic Association. At it, there is a sports stadium, museum and business conference centre. It is also used for outdoor concerts in the city.

There is disabled seating at Croke Park in the Lower Cusack section of the stadium, which can be accessed from St. Joseph’s Avenue off the Cloniffe Road in Dublin. Once inside the stadium, there is lots of staff to guide and assist you to the correct area of the stadium. There is an elevator which takes spectators up to the back of the Lower Cusack, which is operated by Croke Park staff at all times.

In the stadium, there is a fantastic view of all parts of the pitch, so you need not miss a moment of the action. Dotted across the disabled section is a lots of television screens showing the match, which means you can also get a close up shot of whatever is happening during the match and see that action reply, which is also show on the big screen, which is not visible from the disabled section.

There are plenty of disabled toilets across the stadium, which again is manned by Croke Park staff to ensure that they are kept clean and not being used by non-disabled spectators. The toilets are of a good size to accommodate large wheelchairs and a career.

There is also a cafe and bar on site, which is also fully accessible by disabled people. Wide doors, which is opened at all times and pose no difficulties for disabled people.

Croke Park also has a museum, which again is fully open and accessible to people with disabilities. It is on two levels and can be reached via an elevator, which again is manned by Croke Park staff. It is a very open planned museum, which poses no difficulties for anyone in a wheelchair or with restrictive mobility problems.

There is a tour of the stadium, which takes people to all areas of the stadium, inside and out. The tour guides are very sensitive to the needs of any disabled people taking part and ensure that they are kept to the front of the tour so nothing is missed. All parts of Croke Park, in the public and backroom areas are fully accessible to disabled people. Ramps are at points, where even the smallest steps may pose slight problem. I was highly impressed as there was no part of the tour that I could not access.

An additional part of the tour is the Croke Park Skyline Tour, which takes visitors on a roof top walk of the stadium, 44 metres off the grounds! Whilst not all this tour is accessible for disabled people, part of it is. There is an elevator, which takes people in wheelchairs right up onto the roof, and we can get out and walk along the top of the Cusack, right over to the Davin Stand. There is a fantastic view of the entire stadium and across Dublin, which cannot be missed.

I have no attended a concert at Croke Park yet, but I will be going to see Garth Brooks this July, so I will add more then.


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