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Glasnevin Cemetery and Museum is the largest non-denominational cemetery in Ireland with an estimated 1.5 million burials. It is home to the graves of some of the most influential people in Irish history such as Michael Collins and √Čamon de Valera.

There are pathways around the majority of the graves at Glasnevin, which makes it accessible for most disabled people in wheelchairs and with restrictive movement. The pathways are smooth, so the surface does not pose too much of a problem. However, in some of the older parts of the cemetery, there is no pathway and this can exclude some people from accessing. The majority of the historical graves are accessible, with plenty of history attached to them.

One of the most iconic parts of Glasnevin Cemetery is Round Tower, marking the spot where Daniel O’Connell is buried. This tower is open to the public to enter and visit Daniel’s grave. However the access point is underground, which is only accessible by steps. This means that it is completely inaccessible to anyone using a wheelchair. As this is a protected monument, there is nothing that can be done to make is accessible.

Inside the main building, there is a cafe and museum. This is a new and modern building, so it is fully equipped for people with disabilities. There is an elevator to take you to the various floors and all the doors are automatic. The cafe itself is quite basic, but there is plenty of room to move around within it and there is lots of natural lights coming in.

The staff at Glasnevin Cemetery were extremely helpful and the tour guides ensured that any disabled visitors got access to as much of the cemetery as possible and in the areas we couldn’t, were given a full update as to what we weren’t able to see.


Finglas road, Glasnevin, Dublin 11
+353 (0)1 882 6500

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