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Knowth is a Neolithic passage grave and an ancient monument of the World Heritage Site of Brú na Bóinne located 8.4 km west of Drogheda in Ireland’s valley of the River Boyne.

To access Knowth, you must pay at Brú na Bóinne Visitors’ Centre and get a shuttle bus to the site. Unfortunately this bus is not wheelchair friendly. You can drive to Knowth and await the tour guide. However this proved difficult, as there wasn’t enough signage the map did not provide good enough directions.

Inside, there is low gravelling around the site, but it didn’t cause me any disruptions in my wheelchair as I could move around with ease. The tour guide was excellent and ensures that I could see anything she was talking about and that no one was blocking my view.

Due to the site being over 5000 years ago, I could naturally not access the mounds or to climb on top of the mounds. However, there was still plenty to see and learn to ensure that this was a site well worth visiting. 



Knowth Donore Co. Meath Ireland

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