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The Malone Lodge Hotel is a 4-Star hotel on the Malone Road in Belfast.

There is good access into the hotel from the main road, via a good sized ramp and automatic doors. Once inside the hotel, the lobby is large and spacious, with a lowered section at the reception desk.

The corridors and doors are wide enough to managed large sized wheelchairs, with plenty of room to manoeuvre around it, yet still manage to keep the small – compacted look. The buttons within the elevator are low enough down to not oppose any problems for anyone who is short or low down in a wheelchair.

Once inside the disabled bedroom, there is a large floor space, even with the double and single sized beds in the room. I did not find the room too restrictive and had good enough space to move around the room freely. There was enough wall sockets in the room also to accommodate all my needs.

The shower / toilets is one of the largest have I have yet to come across in any hotel disabled bedrooms and had plenty of room to get around it too, without the fear of knocking into anyway. The only minus I found with it was, that there was no disabled seat fixed to the shower, which could pose problems for people with restrictive mobility such as myself.

Outside there is plenty of good disabled parking bays within the hotel’s car park, but unfortunately to access the car park, I had to go out the front access and access it from the public access, as the hotel’s access to the car park is down a flight of stairs.

The staffs within the hotel were very helpful and keen to answer and help any queries I may have had with the hotel’s access and amenities. They endeavoured to help always, with a smile on their face and with ease.


60 Eglantine Avenue Malone Rd, Belfast, Co. Antrim BT9 6DY
028 9038 8060

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