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On a recent pre Christmas visit to Foyleside Shopping Centre, I stopped in the McDonalds on the upper level to get a bite to eat.  While standing in what was quite a large and busy queue I happened to notice a disabled access sign on the wall to the right of the counter.  I thought it was good McDonalds had such a sign up until I took a second to process the fact that the sign was above eye for most able bodied people and looking back to the door, the queue and the sign it hit me that anyone in a wheelchair would struggle to see the sign at its current location when the place was as busy as it was.  I also noted the sign included braille, but again have to say that its location is of no help to a blind person who would have to find the sign first in a busy restaurant to then have to reach above shoulder height to read it.   On leaving I looked around the entrance and found no other disabled signs in this area.  Which is where you would expect them to be.  I would strongly suggest McDonalds needs to look at the placement of their signs as they are of no help where they are currently sighted.


Foyleside Shopping Centre Orchard Street, Londonderry, County Londonderry BT48 6XY

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