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Newgrange Hotel in Ireland is a luxurious and enchanting destination in the heart of Navan. Award winning 3 star hotel, just 25 minutes outside the cosmopolitan city of Dublin.

There is no adjacent car park for the hotel on the narrow street. This can make is difficult finding a space to park the car and exit using a wheelchair, as it does not leave much space.

There is a heavy door to access the hotel, but it is wide enough to manage the largest of wheelchairs with ease. At the reception, there is no lower space for people who are in wheelchair or of small stature, but the staff is very accommodating and helpful for any eventuality.

There is an elevator to access the different floors of the hotel, but it is small, so can be a tight squeeze for some wheelchairs. My advice would be to reserve into the lift to make the exiting easier.

The disabled friendly room itself is roomy enough for wheelchairs, but the bathroom wasn’t big enough to accommodate my wheelchair. There were no wall sockets near the bed for any medical equipment that might be needed.

In the restaurant, I found that the door way was a little narrow to access with my small wheelchair. However it can open wider, but you would need assistance to do that. Once in there, there was ample room to move around in and a ramp to access the lower level of the restaurant cum bar.

In assistance I needed within the room, around the hotel or for finding out about public taxis, the staff in the hotel was extremely friendly and helpful.



Bridge Street Navan Co. Meath Ireland
+353 46 9074100

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