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If you’re jetting off to somewhere special, or you just want to pay a flying visit to Dublin, Premier Inn Hotel Dublin Airport is situated in Airside Retail Park in Swords, near the airport.

This hotel looked very inviting from the outside, modern, clean and warm. However I was shocked to see the choice of wording this hotel used to highlight the disabled access – “Handicap Access”.


For me, this is unforgivable and inexcusable. This word is loaded with negative connation and a trigger word for hurt for people who have a disability of some form.

Not one that, the access didn’t work. It was a revolving door that my wheelchair got stuck in. After several minutes, my friend managed to free me.

There was no lower area in the reception area for me to book in, so I had to get my friend to do that.

There is an elevator to the different floors of the hotel. It is a little on the small size, but didn’t pose too many problems. One problem I did come across on the floors was, each corridor has a security lock to access. Whilst I can perhaps understand the reasoning behind this, it does make it difficult for anyone in a wheelchair or has mobility problems.

In the room, I discovered, despite booking a disabled friendly room in the hotel, I did not get one. The bathroom was too small to even get my wheelchair into and there was no shower that I could use. I needed assistance getting into use the toilet.

There were also no wall sockets near the bed for any medical equipment that might be needed. The hotel did provide me with an extended cable to plug anything into.



Airside Retail Park, Swords, Co Dublin, Ireland
00353 18957777

Opening Hours

0.00am - 23.59pm
0.00am - 23.59pm
0.00am - 23.59pm
0.00am - 23.59pm
0.00am - 23.59pm
0.00am - 23.59pm
0.00am - 23.59pm

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