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The Shirley Arms Hotel is home to one of the best restaurants in Monaghan and has been awarded AA Rosette for many years in recognition for their achievements. This Monaghan restaurant is unrivalled and offers an eclectic blend of superb cuisine which will appeal to the most discerning food and wine connoisseurs.

There are several disabled parking bays adjacent to the restaurant in the small car park at the front, but these can be taken quite quickly. There is a larger car park at the back of the Shirley Arms, but no disabled spaces and no access from the back into the restaurant.

At the front, there is a ramp up to the main entrance to the building, it matches the look of the existing building and is a good ramp. At the door, there are two heavy doors to open and can pose a problem, if you are by yourself.

Inside, there is good, wide open spaces and should cause no issues for anyone in larger wheelchairs, tables and chairs are well spaces out. However, at the bar, there is no lower spaces for people in wheelchairs or lower stature to access, but the staff are more than accommodating and friendly.

There are disabled toilets on the floor below, which can be accessed by the elevators. I found that the space inside the elevator was adequate, but did not allow enough time for me to exit. The doors closed too quickly and I hit my hand. Wasn’t painful, but do be quick exiting when doors opens.

The toilet itself, was slightly on the smaller size and didn’t meet Changing Places standards, but it met the requirements I had, but people with more profound disabilities may have issues. Also, the toilet is at the end of a corridor and door to access, opens onto the direction you are coming from. This can pose an issue for people in larger wheelchairs to navigate around.

Overall, the Shirley Arms has good access, but has a few issues that will cause problems for some.


Main Street Carrickmacross Co. Monaghan Ireland
+353 (0)42 967 3100

Opening Hours

12noon - 3.00pm 6.00pm - 9.00pm
12noon - 3.00pm 6.00pm - 9.00pm
12noon - 3.00pm 6.00pm - 9.30pm
12noon - 3.00pm 6.00pm - 9.30pm
12noon - 3.00pm 6.00pm - 9.30pm
12noon - 3.00pm 6.00pm - 10.00pm
12noon - 3.30pm 4.30pm - 9.00pm

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