Adjustable Wetroom Wheelchair

Please fill in the 2 minute survey on whether this product would suit you as a wheelchair user or assistant. Adjustable Wetroom Wheelchair Survey.

After sustaining a work-related injury almost 15 years ago, I was left paralysed from the chest down. Having been an avid sporting enthusiast prior to my accident, I have been able to continue with playing golf and have represented my country in the past.

Apart from travelling for sporting events, I also enjoy some trips away with my wife. We have travelled both locally and further afield. When travelling with a disability you can never be sure of the facilities that will be available when you arrive, even if it has been arranged in advance.

I have been extensively searching for a wet-room wheelchair that could alleviate the concern of equipment not being available when I travel but could not find one, and as result started to liaise with John Clarke from Clarke Fab, to design a new chair that meets with all my needs:

The following are the design considerations that have been included in the new chair:

  1. Height adjustment – Seat height can be adjusted to suit both standard and disabled toilet seats;
  2. Can be dismantled – Wheelchair can be dismantled and placed in a suitcase for travelling;
  3. Wheel options – without changing the frame, there are three wheel position options. A) Self-propel wheels at rear, castors at front (same as standard wheelchair, therefore easy to manipulate, suitable for toilet with standard cistern). B) Casters at rear, self-propel wheels at front (suitable for toilets with cisterns built into the wall). C) Castors fitted front and rear.
  4. The wheelchair is built from steel for maximum strength, being able to accommodate 150kg user weight. Wheelchair width is generous to ensure maximum comfort.

Cormac Mc Adam

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    • Hi Caitriona,
      I am John and I am working along with Cormac on this project on the design side. It’s great to get some positive feedback. We have to make a few mods to the prototype at the moment. It is ‘rough and ready’ to say the least, but is functional. We are trying to get some constructive feedback but the Survey has not been answered by enough potential users.
      If we get the mods done soon we would like to chat with you further on this.
      It may be too soon in the development process for an on-line video review at this stage but feedback after a trial from someone of your experience would be most helpful.
      Thanks again,

  1. Bernie Drayne  |  

    Great idea! This could be used for showers too. We’ve been to so many hotels who have said they are accessible but the reality is different. Would be great if hotels etc would hire this out for guests if they can’t change the premises.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Bernie. That is exactly the problem that Cormac has experienced over the years.
    We need more questionnaires filled in before we can raise funds to develop prototype to manufacturing stage.

  3. Does it recline? It would be difficult for a mid to high quad to use if it doesn’t as its would be hard to sit up without help/support

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