Disability Election Pledge - Time To Vote

  1. Election Day is tomorrow. My Way Access, along with Omagh Chamber of Commerce and Leonard Cheshire in Northern Ireland, sent out an Election Disability Pledge to all candidates.

Dear Candidate

During a recent event with the Equality Commissioner in Omagh it was proposed that My Way Access, Omagh Chamber of Commerce and Leonard Cheshire would ask Candidates in the Local Elections to consider issues that impact on disabled people in our community.  We ask for your pledge.

Dermot Devlin                         Bronagh Gormley                                                  Katherine McElroy

My Way Access                        Omagh Chamber of Commerce                         Leonard Cheshire

Commitment to Support People of Disability

I, the undersigned, pledge to consider the needs of people with disability and their carers once I am elected as a local Councillor.  I agree that people with disability should be supported by council services and programmes to live, learn, and work as independently as they can.

I will do my best to ensure the council consults people with disability and their carers in relation to policy, access to buildings, provision of transport and the planning of public buildings and spaces.

I will support greater access for children and young people with disability to council play areas and summer schemes, champion better access to shops and services and encourage people with disability to play an active part in public life.

Candidate Name         _________________________

Signed                         _________________________

Date                            _________________________

Below is the names of the candidates you have signed the pledge to say they will work on behalf off all people with disabilities within the council to ensure their needs are met and now forgotten about by Fermanagh and Omagh District Council.

Sorcha McAnespy Independent Omagh DEA
Emmet McAleer Independent Mid Tyrone DEA
Will Convey Independent Omagh DEA
Stephen McCann Sinn Fein West Tyrone DEA
Joanne Donnelly Independent Omagh DEA
Lee Hawkes SDLP Omagh DEA
Josephine Deehan Independent Omagh DEA
Susan Glass Green Party NI Omagh DEA
Jacinta McKeown SDLP Omagh DEA
Noeleen Hayes Sinn Fein Erne East DEA
Barry Brown CISTA Omagh DEA
Margaret Swift Aontú Omagh DEA
Cathal McCrory Aontú West Tyrone DEA
Errol Thompson DUP Omagh DEA
Stephen Donnelly Alliance Party Omagh DEA

If any candidates have not signed the pledge to date, please message in the comments before and I will add you to the list. Pledge can be forwarded to us at info@mywayaccess.com at a later date.

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