Independent Living Fund Online Survey

In 2010, the Independent Living Fund was cut in Northern Ireland, preventing disabled people support to live our lives independently in our homes and community. Currently there are over 430 people in Northern Ireland, who are getting financial support from the ILF, but no new applications.

The Department of Health NI are currently exploring new to opening this fund in Northern Ireland, with the support of ILF Scotland. Without this help, many disabled people are going to slip further into poverty, with the changes in Personal Independent Payment (PIP), Universal Credit, Bedroom Tax, etc.

It is important that disabled people, ILF recipients, family, friends, personal assistants and disabled organisations fill out and promote the survey, as this is important to ensure The Department of Health NI and ILF Scotland understand the full extend of the problem in Northern Ireland.

Share your thoughts on the possibility of re-opening the fund in Northern Ireland by filling in this online survey before 17th June 2020.

Independent Living Fund Online Survey

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