Not The First Unusual Haulage For Omagh Firm

Tyrone haulage firm Donnell & Ellis have completed one of the most unusual jobs in its history.

Last week the Omagh based company transported a cold war era fighter jet from Scotland to the Ulster Aviation Society’s hanger at the Maze/Long Kesh site in an epic 72 hour journey.

Now without its jet engine, the aircraft had stood as ‘gate guard’ at the RAF Leuchars base, near St Andrews for over 25 years. But with the base due to be handed over the British Army, the MOD put the old jet up for sale.

But tasked with finding someone to take it across the Irish Sea, the UAS turned to Omagh firm Donnell & Ellis.

Trevor Donnell of the local haulage firm was charged with organising the ‘mission’.

“It’s not the sort of request you get every day,” he said. “With something so fragile and brittle, you have to be very selective about who you send to do it for a start.”


The Donnell & Ellis lorry travelled to the RAF base on the east coast of Scotland last weekend, where a specialist team of fitters lowered the 19 metre craft onto its trailer.

The Phantom was then carefully driven across the country, arriving in the Port of Larne on the P&O ferry on Monday morning.

“It was quite a long fuselage. It’s just not any trailer you can stick it on,” said Trevor.  “Height was an issue as well, we had to slant it to keep the height down.

“The driver said he had never seen as many cameras and people out with phones. Obviously it’s not something you see moving along the road every day.”

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Not The First Unusual Haulage For Omagh Firm

Regular visitors to My Way Access will know that this is not the first time that Donnell & Ellis had unusual cargo. In April 2014, my good self was taken on the back of one of their lorries for my Epic Campaign video, plus two more of their lorries to drive along side me.

There’s no challenge too big for these guys!!

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