Omagh Chamber of Commerce COVID-19

As one of the committee members of Omagh Chamber of Commerce, I have been asked to share the following support for members and encourage a collaborative approach.

What are we doing?

  • Lobbying the Executive Office, Department of Finance, locally elected Members & MP to provide a relief scheme for businesses, propose delayed payment of business rates and other initiatives to help businesses through this difficult period.
  • Listening to your concerns via email, PM & facebook and trying to seek answers and signpost.
  • Sharing your posts – updates on either “business as usual”, “limited services” or decisions to close.
  • Continue to share useful links and information as it is made available

What can you do?

  • Undertake income & expenditure forecast and reschedule payments where possible
  • Set up meeting with landlords to discuss deferring rent
  • Communicate with your staff as much as possible
  • Speak to banks to arrange payment terms and financing
  • Speak to your suppliers to discuss payment terms and delivery options
  • Communicate with your customers – let them know the measures you have put in place or decisions you have taken in relation to hygiene in adherence to PHA guidelines; future services etc.
  • Communicate with your fellow businesses, collaborate and support each other

Things to think about

Can staff work from home? Can you minimise contact with customers? Can you deliver your goods or offer online/telephone and postage services? Can you continue to operate and enforce social distancing? Can you collaborate with other businesses, work together to deliver goods in exchange for a service?

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